We've Redefined Chiropractic EHR

15 Seconds to a More Audit Proof Note

A more intuitive design for efficient workflow

Document OPQRST quickly with simple touch options

Documentation is as fast as dictating

Patient Kiosk integrated to save time

1 Click SALT function

Discover the look and feel thats specific for your needs

Optimized for touch screen interfaces

1 Click SALT function

Add custom tests or findings

Optimized for medicare’s PART guidelines

Custom adjustment techniques for each spine area

Functional disabilities automatically create functional goals

Fastest Way of Doing Exam or Re-Exam

Exam illustrations

Intuitive layout for easy navigation

Touch and tablet-friendly

Re-exams allow previous exam scrolling

Integrated with WonderTrack posture exam system

Add custom exam descriptions

Import Documents and Images into EHR Chart

In-chart thumbnail view of all imported records

Import any pdf, jpeg, bmp, or tiff file

Direct import of WonderTrack posture reports

Send digital copies of EHR records to providers

Waiting Room Kiosk

Simple touch-friendly interface

Patient checks in, record their complaints, history, and outcomes questionnaires

Sign out records how the patient felt post-treatment and logs therapy time

Kiosk information imports directly into patients chart.

Trigger automated messages as alerts or notices. (Examples: Happy Birthday notices, or schedule next appointment)

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