Easiest to learn…Easiest to Use EHR System

Waiting Room Kiosk

Simple touch-friendly interface

Patient checks in, record their complaints, history, and outcomes questionnaires

Sign out records how the patient felt post-treatment and logs therapy time

Kiosk information imports directly into patients chart.

Trigger automated messages as alerts or notices. (Examples: Happy Birthday notices, or schedule next appointment)

Beutifully Designed Graphic User Interface (GUI)

A user experience that’s optimized for touch screen interfaces

1 Click SALT function

Objectively generated treatment protocols

Optimized for medicare’s PART guidelines

Audit-proof daily notes in less than 15 seconds

Shows treatment techniques and areas adjusted based on selected subluxations

Functional disabilities auto-populates functional goals

Fastest Way of Doing Exam or Re-Exam

Exam illustrations

Intuitive layout for easy navigation

Touch and tablet-friendly

Re-exams allow previous exam scrolling

Integrated with WonderTrack posture exam system

Add custom exam descriptions

Import Documents and Images into EHR Chart

In-chart thumbnail view of all imported records

Import any pdf, jpeg, bmp, or tiff file

Direct import of WonderTrack posture reports

Send digital copies of EHR records to providers