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Chiropractic software completely certified for 2015 Meaningful Use

Get ready to transform your chiropractic office

Look Here: The chiropractic software your looking for!

  • 2014 fully certified chiropractic software
  • No cost setup
  • Free EHR software support
  • Easy to use chiropractic EMR
  • Quick to learn
  • Easy EHR documentation designed for tablets
  • PQRS medicare compliant
  • ICD 10 ready
  • All-In-One EHR software solution
  • Email, call & Txt appointment reminders
  • Automated claims processing
  • Automated marketing campaigns
  • Track product inventory
  • Multiple insurance fee schedules
  • Multi-office networking
  • Best chiropractic EHR reviews
  • Send free electronic claims
  • Unlimited program updates
  • Notes & exams in seconds
  • Patient sign-in/intake kiosk
  • Fully customizable chiropractic software
  • 100 Day money back guarantee
  • No additional software required
  • No additional hardware required
  • Seamless records transfer
  • Customized office reports
  • Collect up front for deductibles visits
  • Professional looking reports
  • Multi-provider networking
  • Dual monitor/window display optimized
  • Chiropractic practice management software
  • Most responsive system available

Need a specific EHR feature or function?

Please contact us now. Chances are we have what your looking for. Our customer support team can answer all your questions and even schedule a one-on-one demonstration with you.

Client Reviews

“I wanted to write and thank you for providing a great comprehensive chiropractic EHR software.”~Matthew McReynolds, DC

“WonderDoc does everything the other EHR’s do and better only much better and at a much more affordable price.”~Juliana Marciniak, DC

“Finally a chiropractic EHR program that is powerful enough to integrate your whole office seamlessly and is extremely easy to use.”~Jeremy Ste.Marie, DC

“You do not have to spend a lot of money to be able to do the same things the big software companies promote.”~Kevin Scott, DC

I like the ease of use of the notes portion of software. ~Tyson Neill

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2014 certified EHR
EHR with billing & scheduling
ICD 10 Ready
Completely customizable
100 day guarantee
Claims auto-posting
Mulit-case transactions
Exam illustrations
1 window multi-tab views
Unlimited offices included
“Note Centric” system
Bring your practice to the next level. Wonderdoc EHR software can increase productivity, reduce overhead and improve patient care. Do more, be more and have more with WonderDoc

EHR software just for chiropractors

Developed by chiropractors for Chiropractors, WonderDoc fuses advanced EHR technology with innovative ways to manage your chiropractic office. Best of all, WonderDoc is affordable for the solo practitioner yet scale-able for large enterprise clinics.

WonderDoc is the most efficient EHR system

Imagine your office as a finely tuned engine where tasks are automated and your work flows effortlessly from one job to the next. WonderDoc is that engine. Schedule appointments and take payments simultaneously within windows optimized for dual monitor displays. Experience faster EHR response a beautifully designed interface optimized for touch screen tablets. And navigate easier through tabs in one window minimizing the pop-up window inefficiencies. These are just some of the many ways WonderDoc makes your documentation more intuitive and user friendly. No extra steps. No confusing procedures. No useless bells and whistles. Just a easy to use, all-in-one EHR solution.

WonderDoc will save you time

In today’s fast paced world, you cherish any time saved. WonderDoc has powerful automated tools that allow you to spend more time with patients, your family, or for yourself. Say goodbye to “catching up” and walk away from your office right behind the last patient. Enjoy complete audit proof daily notes in 10 seconds or less. Here’s an example. Patients can use a kiosk to record their own complaints, medical history and outcomes questionnaires. Doctors can replicate prior notes with just one button. And another button will simultaneously sign notes, post treatment charges, create narrative reports, and upload records to an online patient portal. All this can be done in real time before the patient even leaves your treatment room.

WonderDoc keeps your EHR records compliant

Never worry about an audit or lawsuit in your hands. WonderDoc meets Medicare’s PART guidelines and is HIPPA compliant. So you can go to sleep knowing your records will be accurate and complete.

Maximize the return on your EHR investment

Avoid medicare penalties with no extra costs and no 3rd party software system. WonderDoc makes it easy to demonstrate meaningful use and PQRS compliance with a fully its fully certified EHR system.

Maintain iron-clad indestructible records

Never loose sleep over lost data. With WonderDoc, you can depend on the most trusted database platform with Microsoft SQL Server and .Net framework. And automatic daily backups insure you’ll never lose your data.

We give you the support you deserve and expect

WonderDoc backs its support with a team of medically trained IT professionals. They can assist you in installation, training and troubleshooting. Our team is so sure you’ll love WonderDoc that we give you a 100 day money back guarantee.

WonderDoc is your total EHR and practice management solution

Finally, chiropractors now have a seamless, integrated EHR system from check-in to, to check-out, all at a price that’s less than our competitors. Find out today how WonderDoc can accelerate your office potential.

For more information on WonderDoc, please contact us at (800) 373-1935.