Automated Patient and Insurance Billing

Work Less...Collect More

1 Click Notes to Billing

30, 60, 90 Day Batch Billing

Collect Co-Ins. and Deductibles Upfront

Increase Collections

EHR notes automatically linked to billing

Import ERA’s and auto post claims

Dual Fee schedules between cash and insurance companies

Auto-post credits from prepayment care plans

Batch print and send patient bills

Collect deductible fees at time of service

Add Auto alerts and messages

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WonderDoc Buys You Time

Easily post insurance EOB’s and track aging claims

Instantly access all billing info for every patient and date of service.

Quickly update and resubmit claims for faster reimbursements.

Eliminate double entering charges with direct notes to billing posting.

Auto-post payments from a credit account.

Auto-post copays, coinsurance and deductible charges on every visit.

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Stay Connected

Show future appointments on patients receipt.

Display special messages on receipts.

Send receipts via email.

Track payments from online transactions.

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