Exceeding the expected.

Chiropractors Helping Chiropractors

It takes one to know one. That’s why founder and CEO James Pamplin is a practicing chiropractor. He is a 15 year veteran of chiropractic. And like you, he’s been in the trenches, and sees the challenges chiropractors face today. That’s why in 2004, Dr. Pamplin built WonderDoc: a fully automated all-in-one chiropractic EHR software. From its inception, only one goal was needed: To build an EHR and practice management system that solves these challenges so chiropractors can practice how they want, when they want. Hence the birth of WonderDoc and the dream to give back to the profession.

Innovative Thinking

It’s not enough that our company was the first to be 2014 government certified, or that we were the first to make EHR the foundation for all other practice management needs. No, we still relentlessly strive to think outside the box, constantly raising the bar with more efficient tools to digitally manage chiropractic offices.

Today’s healthcare system is more challenging than ever. Where others see obstacles, we see opportunity. Because, if we can provide the tools for chiropractors to adapt, we all have the competitive edge.

Customer Support

Here’s a question: What’s the biggest concern chiropractors have when buying an EHR system?

Good Customer Support.

Well if you haven’t figured us out already, we think good support is not good enough. You know the saying “treat your patients like family?” That’s how we think about our clients. We obsess about providing responsive, friendly and professional support. Because the bottom line is…if you’re not happy, we’re not happy.