WonderTrack Introduction

WonderTrack Demonstration

How it Works

3 Simple Steps for Documenting and Educating Patients Posture


Position patient on the grid and align lasers to bony landmarks.


Patient steps away while you click “Capture Back” or “Capture Side” to send the image of laser lines to WonderTrack software system.


Illustration of normal posture is superimposed onto image of laser positions allowing examiner and patient to see posture results. Previous exam findings are compared to re-exam results.

What You Get

✔ WonderTrack System

✔ Tablet With Software Installed

✔ Wireless Color Printer

✔ Stand for Tablet & Printer

✔ Brochure Stand

✔ Sample Brochures

A New Standard In Care

As a chiropractor, you think differently than other health care providers. You find the source of problems, correct musculoskeletal imbalances and suggest preventative care. One important way you do this is by examining your patient’s structural health. Some may use x-rays, some may use posture tools, and others may simply eyeball it. Until now, none of these tools could show your patients how their structural health would compare to normal posture in a depersonalized way. Today there is WonderTrack, a state-of-the-art laser guided posture assessment system. WonderTrack automatically measures, compares and educates postural health all without photographing the patient. With 3 quick steps, WonderTrack delivers a posture report that’s easy for patients to understand, so you can feel confident in justifying your care. Be the doc everyone is talking about when you use WonderTrack posture assessment system.


Combining laser lines with your palpation skill ensures the most accurate measurements for assessing posture. No more making estimates by eyeballing it or drawing lines on a picture. You and your patients will feel confident in the posture results.


Don’t just say your patients have poor posture, show them. With WonderTrack, your patients will clearly see how their posture compares to normal alignment. But more importantly, your patients will understand and appreciate the need for corrective care.


Show your patients how their posture has improved by comparing pre and post treatment WonderTrack results. Patients will see more value in your services resulting in more referrals and lifelong care.


Let WonderTrack be your main marketing tool. The compact and quick set up and break down design makes it easy to go from one event to the next. And its low profile display allows it to fit in even the smallest areas.

Fits Easily in your Office

WonderTracks display extends just 3 feet from any wall allowing it to fit comfortably in even the smallest room. With an attractive high tech design, patients will appreciate this state-of-the-art equipment and feel more confident in your care.

A Mobile Marketing Machine

Easily transport WonderTrack to trade shows, health fairs, schools, or businesses with our lightweight carrying bag. With only a handful of pieces to assemble, the system takes less than 5 minutes to set up or break down. Now you can be the vendor that attracts even more visitors with WonderTracks eye-catching display and unique services. Spinal screenings are back and are never more popular with WonderTrack.

Your Business Branding on Printed Reports

Get the message out to your patients or visitors by creating great looking reports with powerful information that’s easy to read. Show a visual representation of how posture results compare to normal alignment. Explain the risks of poor posture on overall health. Make WonderTracks report an extension of your professional reputation.

Easily Prove Medical Necessity

You can’t argue with a picture especially when that picture delivers a clear indisputable message. WonderTrack is the only posture tool that visually represents how your patients’ posture compares to normal alignment. In addition, automatically generated computer measurements improve your confidence in justifying care. No more estimating, no more generalizing. WonderTrack is simply the best way to assess, measure and compare posture results.

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