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Recording Subjective EHR Information

  1. recording subjective ehr infoClick a patient in the EHR status window and click “View Exam”
  2. Click the appropriate button on the left that describes the patient’s symptoms. (NOTE: Only one description for each complaint can be selected at a time. This prevents confusion when there is multiple complaints)
  3. Click on the area on the body figures where the symptoms are located. (NOTE: To avoid confusion, only one side of the figure will be available for each complaint).
  4. Click on the statement that describes how frequently the patient feels their symptoms.
  5. Click and drag the scroll bar located on the visual analog scale to the level that best describes the intensity of the patient’s pain.
  6. Select options related to the chief complaints history below the list of entered complaints.
  7. Type additional information in the text box labeled “Comments” to the right.
  8. If there is more than one complaint, click the button “Next Complaint” and repeat the prior steps.
  9. Click the update button to save information before exiting EHR.
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