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Printing Receipts, Addresses, and HCFA Superbills

Printing Receipts

  1. Click the “Print Receipt” button at the bottom of the Patient Billing window
  2. In the pop-up pdf application click the print icon
  3. Follow the steps in the printer utility window.

Printing Addresses

  1. Click the button “Print Address” at the bottom of the window (NOTE: This feature will only work with Dymo label printers)
  2. Click the button “Print Label” under the address you wish to print
  3. Click “Print Labels” in the pop-up window
  4. Click “Close” in the bottom of the print address window.

Printing a HCFA super bill

  1. Place HCFA 1500 forms in printer
  2. Click “Print HCFA super bill” (NOTE: This option should only be used to assign insurance payments to the patient)
  3. Click the print icon in the print preview window
  4. Close print preview window.
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