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Posting Claim Payments, Write-Offs, and Patient Charges

Claim payments, write-offs, and patient charges is managed in the “Insurance Distribution” tab within the billing window.

Posting Claim PaymentsPosting Claims

  1. Select the remittance advice at the top
  2. Click the button “Distribution Entry Tool”.
  3. Search for a patient by typing their last name in the “Filter Last Name” box.
  4. Select the date of service associated with payment
  5. Enter the payment amount in the “Distribution Amount” box at the bottom of the window.
  6. Click the “Add Distribution” button at the bottom right.
  7. Repeat these steps for each claim payment.


Posting remaining balances

  1. Any remaining claim balance will appear in the filed “Distribution Amount” field.
  2. The drop menu labeled “Type” will default to either “Write Off” or “Deductible Write Off” depending on the assigned visit type shown in the patient billing tab.
  3. If the patient has secondary insurance, the drop menu labeled “Type” will default to “Generate Secondary Claim”.
  4. If some or all of the claim balance is the patient’s responsibility, confirm the amount in the field labeled “Distribution Amount” and select “Bill To Patient – Copay”, “Bill To Patient – Deductible”, or “Bill To Patient – Services Not Covered” in the “Type” drop menu
  5. Click “Add Distribution”
  6. If all claim benefits are applied for the remittance advice, click the button “Commit” to close and save all postings.
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