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Managing Walk-In Purchases

Walk-in’s can be customers or existing patients who are buying products and/or services without having an office visit.  A simple register function for applying charges, payments, and printing receipts is available within the “Purchases” window which can be accessed from the home screen or at the top of any open window.

Charging for ProductsWalk-In Purchases

  1. Clicking the “Purchases” button.
  2. Select product in the drop-down inventory menu
  3. Click “add” button
  4. Repeat these steps to add multiple products.
  5. For unique products, enter the product description and price in the empty row.

Adding Transactions to Patient Account

  1. In the purchases window, click the button, “Include In Patient Billing”
  2. Find patient by typing the last name in the “last-name” field
  3. Select the patient in the list
  4. Select the product or service from the inventory drop menu
  5. Click “Add”
  6. Select payment type and enter amount
  7. Click “Purchase” or “Purchase with Receipt.

Posting Payments for Products

  1. Click the radio button associated with the type of payment
  2. Enter check number or credit card number
  3. enter amount paid in the text field labeled “Amount Tendered”
  4. Click “Purchase” or “Purchase with Receipt”
  5. To purchase without payment, enter $0.00 in the field labeled “Amount Tendered”.

Deleting Walk-In Transactions

  1. In the billing window, type “Walk” in the last-name filter and “In” in the first-name filter
  2. Click the “All Days” button
  3. Click visit date
  4. Delete transactions in the visit transactions grid
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