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Managing the Patient Ledger

The Patient Ledger can be displayed after clicking the Reports on the home screen or at the top of any open window and selecting the “Patient Ledger” tab.

Viewing Patient’s Ledger

  1. Patient LedgerClick reports on the home screen
  2. Select the “Patient Ledger” tab at the top
  3. Find the patient by typing the patients last name in the field labeled “last name”
  4. Select the patient’s name in the list below
  5. Click add a year until the balances at the bottom right do not change.

Sorting Patient Ledger

  1. Select a case from the drop-down list labeled “case”.
  2. Select a date range by clicking the date in the “from” and the “To” date fields.
  3. Sort transactions for the Current Day, Week, Month, or Year: choose the appropriate buttons located above the name filter.

Printing the Ledger

  1. Click the “Print With Balances” button
  2. Click “Print” in the print preview window
  3. Follow steps in printer utility window
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