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Managing the Day Sheets

The day sheet transactions will be displayed by default after clicking the Reports application on the home screen.  Charges and payments for any date can be viewed and printed for bank deposits or records purposes.  By default, the current day’s transactions will be displayed in the grid.  

Day Sheet ReportView Day Sheets for the Day, Week, Month, or Year by clicking the appropriate button located on the left of the screen.

 View a Day Sheet for a Specific Date Range by clicking the calendar icon located within the “From” and “To” date fields at the bottom.

 View a Provider’s Day Sheet by clicking the drop-down menu labeled “PCP”.

View an Office Day Sheet by clicking the drop-down menu labeled “Office”.

Print a Day Sheet by clicking on the “print” button at the bottom.  Click the “Print” button at the bottom of the print preview window and then follow the steps in your printer utility window.

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