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Managing Patient Accounts Receivables

Patient billing reports and invoices are displayed after clicking the Reports on the home screen or at the top of any open window and selecting the “Patient Aging” tab.

Managing Filters

  1. Amount enter in the field “Ignore Amounts Less Than” will omit bills with balances less than the entered value
  2. Select a date in the “ignore bill dated prior to” date field. (NOTE: We suggest choosing a date that is no more than four months prior since any date earlier would result in surprising patients with bills that are unreasonably old.
  3. Choose which past-due billing periods to print bills
  4. Select all or de-select all patients in the list of past-due bills by clicking the buttons “Select All” and “Clear All” respectively
  5. Filter bills for a specific provider by clicking the drop menu labeled PCP

Managing Aging Report

  1. Set the filters as described above
  2. Choose 0-30, 30, 60, or 90 days past due.
  3. Click the button “Print”.
  4. Follow the print functions in your pdf application and printer utility window
  5. In the billing window, distribute credit money for each patient with a credit balance on the report.

Managing Batch Invoicing

  1. Set the filters as described above
  2. Check all boxes under the “Days Past” section
  3. Click the “Reload” button at the bottom left
  4. Click “Print” at bottom
  5. Review accounts on the report to pay off the money in their credit account
  6. Click the button “Print Receipts”.

(NOTE: Bills are printed so the patient’s address appears in the window of envelopes designed for HCFA 1500 forms. Bills must be folded the same way as printed HCFA 1500 forms)

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