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Managing Patient Sign-In/Intake Kiosk

This application is designed to run on a separate computer in the waiting room so patients can sign in and record their chief complaints or medical intake forms.  To open the program, click “WonderDoc Kiosk” in the programs list of the windows start menu and log in.

Signing In a Patient

  1. kiosk sign inClick the button “Sign In”
  2. In the pop-up window, type the patient’s username and password. (Note: By default the program defaults the patients username as their first and last name with no space and all lowercase, and a password as password)
  3. Click “Ok” at the bottom.
  4. If there are multiple providers, click the radio button next to the provider, the patient will see.   

Documenting Patients’ Complaints

Recording Symptom Description Click the appropriate button at the left that best describes the patient’s symptoms. (NOTE: only one description can be selected at a time)

Recording Symptom Location Click the area on one of the body figures where the symptoms are located. (NOTE: To avoid confusion, only one side of the figure will be available for each complaint).

Record Symptom Frequency In the section to the right labeled “Frequency of Pain: Click on the statement that describes how often the patient feels their symptoms. 

Record Symptom Intensity In the section to the right labeled “Intensity of Pain”, click and drag the scroll bar located on the visual analog scale to a level that best describes the intensity of the patient’s pain.

Record Additional Information By typing the information in the text box labeled Comments at the bottom of the pain diagrams. 

Restart Complaints By selecting the complaint in the list of entered complaints and click the “restart” icon shown next to the pain diagram.

Record Multiple Complaints By clicking the “Next Complaint” button and repeat prior steps.

Delete Complaints By selecting the complaint in the list of entered complaints and click the “Delete” button above the complaint box. (NOTE: If only one complaint is entered, the “Delete” button will not be available.  In this case, click “Restart Complaint”)

Save and Logout By clicking the button “Done” to save recorded information and open the sign-in window for the next patient.

Medical History Tab

  1. kiosk medical historyClick tab labeled “History”
  2. Enter the patient’s user name and password in the pop-up window and click OK.
  3. Instruct patient in answering history questions by selecting appropriate radio buttons, checking boxes, drop menus, or date functions
  4. Click the button “Save” or “Done” to save and exit the window.

(NOTE: Additional information can be added to the patient’s history within the EHR section of the program) 

Outcomes Questionnaires Tab

  1. Click the “Questionnaire” tab
  2. Answer the question at the top of the window using the appropriate button.
  3. Answer the questions in the form by clicking the appropriate answer
  4. Click the button “Done” when the form is complete to save and exit the window.


Patient Sign Out

  1. Click “Sign Out”
  2. Enter the patient’s username and password
  3. In the following window, select the phrase that best describes how the patient feels after the treatment.
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