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Managing Charges and Billing Adjustments

Adjusting Patient BalancesPatient Billing Adjustments

  1. At the bottom of the billing window, click the button “Patient Adjustments.”
  2. Enter the credit or debit amount in the pop-up window.
  3. Click “Add Adjustment” when done. (NOTE: Any credit in excess of the amount owed will be applied to the patients credit account)

  Applying Additional Charges

  1. Click “Additional Charges.” Button at the bottom of the billing window.
  2. Select from a list of products and services in the drop-down menu at the top.
  3. Click “Add” at the top of the window.
  4. For custom, non-listed charges, type charge name in the description field and amount in the price field.
  5. Click “OK” when finished.

 Applying Copay, Co-Insurance, and Deductible Charges

  1. Click “Additional Charges”
  2. Type “copay” or “deductible” in the description column
  3. Type the charge amount in the “price” column. (Note: Co-insurance can only be listed as a copay)
  4. Click “OK”.
  5. In the window that states, “Do you wish this additional charge to be classified as a (CoPay) or (Deductible)?” click “Yes”.

NOTE: If claims have been generated before making changes to copays or deductibles, the user should delete those claims and regenerate them to reflect the changed claim amount. This is done in the claims submission tab.

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