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Linking Treatments to Objective Findings

Now that you have added the treatments, you have the option to link treatments to your objective findings and have them automatically added to the plan of your notes as treatment protocols. For example, when the provider records spinal subluxations, the program can automatically add chiropractic adjustment to the subluxated areas you selected along with the proper CPT code. 

  1. Linking Treatments to Objective FindingsType a less than and greater than signs (<>) at the end of your treatment description.
  2. Between the signs type one of four words in all caps
      • <SPINEAREAS> will display specific spinal areas where subluxations are recorded in the subluxation diagram.
      • <MUSCLES> will display the specific muscles where spasms were recorded in the hypertonicity diagram.
      • <AREAS> will display specific areas where tenderness was recorded in the tenderness diagram.
      • <EXTREMITIES> will display specific extremity joints where subluxations were recorded in the extremities diagram.
  3. Add the words “to the” between the treatment description and the words in brackets for proper sentence structure.
  1. In the “Type” column, select the name of one of the four diagrams in the objective part of the your notes. (NOTE: These names should correlate to the information in <> signs as mentioned earlier. For example, <SPINEAREAS> should correlate to the Subluxation “Type”, <MUSCLES> should correlate to the Hypertonicity “Type”, <AREAS> should correlate to the Tenderness “Type”, and <EXTREMITIES> should correlate to the Extremities “Type“).
  2. Click “Save” at the bottom.
  3. Close and re-open the WonderDoc admin program to reflect the change
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