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Layout and Functions of the Patient Billing Window

  • Patient Billing WindowThe patient’s contact and insurance information is displayed at the top.
  • A list of patient visits” including the patient’s name, date, and time is shown in the grid labeled “visits”. By default, the current day’s visits will be displayed.
  • Sort data in columns by clicking on any column in any of the grids.
  • Comments can be added in the text box shown below the patient visit grid. By default, the newest comment will be listed last.
  • Dates billed to the patient are located in the drop-down menu labeled “patient Billed”
  • Dates billed to the insurance are located in the drop-down menu labeled “Insurance billed”.
  • Visit specific transactions are displayed in the grid labeled “Visit Transactions”.
  • All transactions for the patients account is listed in the grid labeled “All Transactions”
  • Changing visits to apply charges to either patient or insurance balance is done by clicking the drop menu labeled “Visit Type” located above the “All Transactions” grid. (NOTE: Do not use the “Deductible Visit” option unless you have applied the insurance reimbursement fees for the patient’s insurance.  See pages 15 and 16 to learn how to populate these fees.)
  • Visit totals for patient and insurance balances is displayed at the bottom of the “Visit Transactions” grid.
  • Patient and insurance account totals are displayed at the bottom below the comments text box.
  • Print receipts, post additional patient charges, adjust patient balances, print HCFA super bills, email receipts, print addresses, or modify CPT and ICD-10 codes using the appropriately labeled buttons at the bottom of the window.
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