Over the last decade in particular, cloud-based EHRs have become increasingly popular across the globe. A big part of this has to do with the fact that they’re simply more convenient – not just in comparison to the paper-based world that we’re now finally free from, but also from on-premise EHRs that are setup within the confines of your office.

All told, a cloud-based EHR can enable your practice to do a wide range of different things that it can’t do right now – all of which are certainly worth a closer look.

A “Brave New World” For Your Practice

For most practices, the most important thing that a cloud-based EHR allows them to do that they can’t right now involves saving them as much money as possible.

With a cloud-based EHR, there’s no need to set time aside to research all of the latest hardware and software options. You don’t need to purchase new software or pay someone to setup and maintain a server room. You don’t have to invest in skilled IT employees to manage it on an ongoing basis. Everything you need is delivered on-demand and over the Internet by a skilled third party provider.

Not only does this save you a tremendous amount of time so that you can get back to focusing on your patients, but it also frees up valuable money so that you can funnel it back into other areas of your practice where it will do the most good.

Another one of the major things that a cloud-based EHR makes possible that you probably can’t do right now has to do with the advanced search features that these solutions bring with them. If you were still living in a world of paper, finding a patient record would literally require someone to wade through countless filing cabinets until they found the appropriate document. If that document had been misfiled or misplaced, there’s no telling how long it might take to recover. Even if you were talking about an on-premise EHR, you still need to be in your physical office to gain access to important information.

With a cloud EHR, on the other hand, all of this changes. The systems are designed to be flexible enough to allow doctors and other medical professionals to find the information they need as fast as humanly possible. Not only that, but because all information is stored in a centralized repository, it’s also easy to share it with other organizations that may need it. This means that if you’re collaborating with a different hospital or even a laboratory, data can be sent effortlessly with just a few quick clicks of your mouse.

If you’d like to learn more about what a cloud EHR solution will allow your practice to do that you can’t do right now, or if you’d just like to speak to someone about your own situation in a bit more detail, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.


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