Want to Avoid the Issues Inherent in a Chiropractic EMR? Buy a Chiropractic Practice Management System Instead

Short for “Electronic Medical Records,” a chiropractic EMR is a system that allows you to store digital versions of the paper records that used to fill endless filing cabinets in your office. They’re definitely preferable to the way things used to be done in terms of how much space, time and money they can help you save… but they also have their fair share of limitations, too.

A Chiropractic Practice Management System, on the other hand, is a far more robust solution – and one that brings with it a wide range of benefits that cannot be ignored.

What are the drawbacks of an on-premises Chiropractic EMR?

When you maintain your own in-house solution, all the physical hardware necessary to run it falls under your control. Ultimately, this means that if there are any issues or hardware-based problems, the burden falls on your practice to fix it. With a cloud-based Chiropractic Practice Management System, on the other hand, everything is delivered in an on-demand fashion over the Internet – meaning that everything from patches to maintenance falls under the terms of your subscription.

What is data availability like with a Chiropractic Practice Management System?

With a chiropractic EMR, you essentially need to be in the office to get any important work done. With a cloud-based Chiropractic Practice Management System, everything is available online from and device with an active Internet connection.

How does this “anywhere, anytime” data availability benefit my practice?

The biggest impact that this constant data availability will have involves the fact that information is accessible instantly as soon as something happens with a patient. You don’t have to worry about sending records, you don’t have to wait days to get up-to-speed – you’ll know immediately, all so that you can make faster and better decisions regarding patient care moving forward.

Is a Chiropractic Practice Management System more scalable than a Chiropractic EMR?

In a word – absolutely. With a chiropractic EMR, adding resources as needed isn’t just time-consuming – it’s also very expensive. With a Chiropractic Practice Management System, however, adding resources is literally as simple as making a single phone call to your cloud provider. This allows you to scale as needed to account for things like seasonal fluctuations, all while making sure that you’re not paying for a single resource that you’re not actively utilizing.

What is data security like with a Chiropractic Practice Management System?

Thanks to the fact that everything exists on remote servers, your important practice data is safer than ever. If everything existed entirely in-house you could fall victim to issues like hardware failure or even fires and other natural disasters, taking your data right along with them. With Chiropractic Practice Management Systems, your data is always protected – thus making sure that nothing can stand between you and the critical care you offer to patients.

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