What computers will run WonderDoc?
You can install WonderDoc on any computer that runs a windows operating system that Microsoft currently supports. The only system requirements is a computer that is newer than 10 years old.
What is the "Lease-to Own" terms?
WonderDoc Lease to Own financing allows you to make affordable monthly payments based on the software package for 36 months. After 36 months of payments, you own the software with no additional costs required.
How do I get a 30 day trial?

You can return the WonderDoc software anytime within 30 of your purchase date.

Are there any additional costs other than support and upgrades?
For those who choose our lease to own purchasing option, there is a setup fee.
Is WonderDoc server based or cloud based system?
WonderDoc is currently a server-based software system. This way you own the system with no additional costs and have complete control of your data.
Is there any additional equipment needed?
No additional equipment is necessary, however, you may want to take advantage of some of the following program features designed for certain hardware products:
1) Touch screen for faster user inputs
2) Dymo labelwriter for printing addresses
3) Dual monitors or one large widescreen monitor for multi-window operations to improve efficiency.
How do I upgrade to a higher level package?
We will credit you the price of your current package towards the upgraded package so the cost will be the difference between the two packages.
Do you have a return policy?
WonderDoc has a 30-day trial where there is no obligation to purchase or lease the program. A non-refundable setup fee is required as part of the trial costs. If no cancellation of purchase is received in writing within the 30 day trial period, the user would be responsible for the complete purchase amount or leasing terms.
Do you charge for software updates?
No. Software updates are always free.
What is the cost of software upgrades?
There is no cost to software upgrades with an annual support plan. Upgrades are generally needed every 5 years and in order to service the upgraded areas of the software. Without a support plan, upgrades may range from $500.00 to $1,000.00 depending on the size of the upgrade and the age of the non-upgraded version.
How much is support?
Support is included in the initial cost of the software for a period of time described on WonderDoc products page. After the included support period, you can choose to purchase unlimited support with an annual service plan. The fee for this plan is as low as $500.00/yr. If you choose to use support on an as-needed basis, there is a flat rate of $99.00 per case.
Can I transfer my license to another provider or practice?
Yes. There is no charge to transfer WonderDoc’s license key to another provider or practice
Can you transfer records from my current EHR/Billing system?
Yes. Any demographic and insurance data that is compatible with Microsoft excel can be imported into WonderDoc. There is no charge for this service with the purchase of the Elite package. All other packages will require a $300.00 records transfer fee.
Can I work from home using wonderdoc?
Yes. The best way to access WonderDoc from home is through 3rd party applications for remote desktop connections. There are many products available like logmein.com, gotomeeting.com, or teamviewer.com We suggest Teamviewer.com because it’s free and easy to set up.
Is there any 3rd party software required?
There is no additional software required to operate WonderDoc.