Ways to Automate Your Chiropractic Office

ways to maximize your office time
In McKinsey Global Institute’s 2017 “A Future That Works” report, this management consulting firm reveals that, worldwide, automating processes could increase business-related productivity by as much as 1.4 percent per year. It can also save companies cash, or almost $16 trillion in funds.
In short, automating processes in your chiropractic office can save you both time and money. But what can you automate in a healthcare setting to get this type of effect? Here are eight options to consider.

1. Chiropractic Software

There are two important types of software that automates your chiropractic office. The first is chiropractic practice management software with integrated electronic health records (EHR). This type of software enables you to take care of everyday office activities—patient scheduling, billing, claims processing—all in one system, creating a more seamless process because data transfers instantly from one program to the next.
Another type of software that can save a lot of time in chiropractic is document management software. Ideally, you want to choose a program that enables you to index and search keywords in scanned documents so you can find the information you need in less time. This function is offered by software providers like FileCenter.

2. Social Media Marketing

Digital Doughnut shares that social media marketing offers many advantages, some of which include being a cost-effective way to improve your brand awareness, engage with your patients, and increase brand loyalty. However, the only way to receive these benefits is to create and share posts that matter, and this is where automation comes into play.
For instance, you can use sites like Feedly and Quuu to find content relevant to your patients and schedule it to post on your social media pages. No more spending countless hours trying to find just the right posts to increase customer engagement. Simply go through the ideas provided, select the ones that you want, and share them with your followers.

3. Website Optimization

How much time does your staff spend scheduling appointments for clients, either over the phone or in person? And how much of their day is required to print out intake forms, then waiting until patients complete them in order to then take them to the appointment room? You can save a lot of time in both cases simply by automating your website and allowing them to do these things online.
Patients prefer this opportunity as well, with one survey finding that 42 percent would like to handle their appointments online, but only 17 percent get the chance. Plus, allowing them to complete their intake forms before their appointment enables them to get in and out of the office faster, giving them more time to do everything else they need to do. That makes this automation option a win-win.

4. Online Banking

Though paying by paper check used to be standard practice, financial institutions today make it super easy to handle all of your expense accounts via their online services. Whether you’re making a one-time payment or scheduling re-occurring debits over time, this is a much better option than having to fill out checks by hand and mail them.
Online banking also helps you keep better track of the monies coming in and going out of your business without having to sit and figure it out by hand. Thus, by using QuickBooks or similar online programs, you can quickly analyze your spending patterns to see better which expenses are consuming the largest part of your budget and which ones are right on track.

5. Insurance Verification

If your office spends a lot of time trying to find missing, unprocessed or unpaid insurance claims, automating this process can not only save time, but it can also save a lot of unnecessary aggravation. Engaging in online claims give you the opportunity to do these types of searches quickly and easily, which also reduces the likelihood that any outstanding monies owed will fall through the cracks.
The same is true of online benefits. By being able to access an internet site that provides patient benefits, copays, and deductibles, you’re not only helping yourself, but you’re also able to better help patients who may not understand their current policy’s chiropractic coverage. Taking this extra step for them and uncomplicating the process can help create patient loyalty and improve their satisfaction level with your office.

6. Claims Processing

You can also automate the way you process claims. One way to do this is by auto-posting, thereby importing electronic admittance advice into billing for auto-post of the payment, write-offs, or patient responsibilities.
Another way to automate the processing of claims is via a clearinghouse, which involves sending electronic claims and receiving status reports directly from your practice management software. One benefit of using a clearinghouse is that it checks to ensure that your codes are valid, reducing the likelihood of a billing error.

7. Web Applications

Certain web applications can save you time as well, making them another factor to consider. For instance, Zapier lets you connect the apps you use most often, so they share important data between them versus you having to input the information manually into each one.
G Suite is another great app for business. This Google Cloud app lets you edit, save, and view your documents and files from any device then syncing it. Use it for appointments and email too and you can literally handle all of your most necessary business functions from anywhere.

8. Patient Communications

Do you ever take time out of your busy day to attend meetings or other important events that require a face-to-face appearance? If so, why not save yourself some travel by using an Internet-based phone service instead? There are many providers, like RingCentral, which make it possible to have personal interaction with others without giving up too much of your valuable time.
You can also automate office communications by using an email provider that offers efficient, logical, and easy-to-use platforms. Gmail and Outlook are two such services to consider.
Automating your office functions can save you a lot of time and money, while also reducing your frustration levels. Here are eight options that can help you do all of this, and more.

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