Infographic on chiropractic benefitsYou’ve heard it all before: “Take these pills for you back pain and in 2-3 weeks it should be gone.” Well, that’s what the research said, 20 years ago. Now we know back pain episodes are likely to re-occur over time with increased frequency and intensity. So basically any pill you take is like kicking the can down the road.

So here’s the 10 trillion dollar question: Why do the vast majority of PCP’s prescribe medication for low back pain? Are they expecting different results? That’s hard to believe given today’s epidemic of prescription drug overuse. And how can they be ignoring the volumes of research that tell them otherwise? Regardless, PCP patients deserve to know better ways to managing low back pain. It’s called Chiropractic.

The following Infographic describes the treatment benefits for back pain when care is initiated by a chiropractor instead of a PCP. Since back pain mostly originates from mechanical problems, chiropractors use a “Hand-On” manual approach to care. For Chiropractors, it just makes sense to treat mechanical problems using mechanical means instead of covering up the symptoms with chemicals. But the best part about Chiropractic is it’s safer and more natural.

So now that you know the difference between PCP and DC in managing back pain, go out and tell others. Use this infographic as your tool. Because until PCP and DC’s are on the same page, it’s up to you to weigh the pros and cons of all your treatment options.