Fundamentals of Chiropractic Practice Success

Fundamentals of Chiropractic Practice Success

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There are many wonderful benefits of being a chiropractor. Perhaps the most obvious one is that it gives you the opportunity to help people live higher quality lives: lives with less pain and greater levels of health. It also helps that, unless one of your patients has an emergency, you normally get nights and weekends off, an advantage that a lot of healthcare professionals often don’t enjoy.

However, it takes more than just a drive to help others to keep your business doors open. It takes adherence to a few basic “rules” which, when put together collectively, become the formula for true, lifelong success. Doing this will allow you to help more patients while putting your practice miles ahead of the competition. (more…)

Maximizing Employee Efficiency

Maximizing Employee Efficiency

Maximize employee productivity

Anne Mulcahy, former CEO of Xerox Corporation once said, “Employees are a company’s greatest asset; they’re your competitive advantage.” And it’s true. Having the right staff comprised of motivated and hardworking people can really take your chiropractic business to the next level, enabling you to rise far above your competition.

Yet a lot of employees aren’t quite as productive as they could be, which also means that you’re not as successful as you could be. So what’s causing this issue and, perhaps most importantly, how can you overcome it? (more…)

Beware of Medicare!

The Pitfalls of Being a Chiropractic Medicare Provider


In May of 2009, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) issued a report which revealed that, out of $466 million paid to chiropractic providers in 2006, “Medicare inappropriately paid $178 million…representing 47 percent of claims.” Put another way, almost one out of every two claims is filed improperly by chiropractors. As the OIG believes, this is a situation where they have grossly overpaid.

The Inspector General further reported that these “inappropriate” payments were due to the claims that were erroneous in one of three ways. First, some were classified as being miscoded (this amount being responsible for $11 million of the payments). Second, some were undocumented (approximately $46 million of the total). And third, the remaining amount ($157 million) were for services considered “maintenance therapy”; a service not covered under Medicare benefits.

So what does this mean if you’re a chiropractor who takes Medicare payments? It means you should be prepared for not if an audit happens but when. (more…)

Chiropractic Public Service Announcement

chiropractic public service announcementThis is a very important chiropractic public service announcement regarding your health. As musculoskeletal specialists, chiropractors know how important 20 minutes of low impact daily exercise and regular chiropractic checkups is for optimal joint and muscle function. So when it comes to living a healthy and active lifestyle, you need to move it or lose it.

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