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“Using WonderDoc has been the best practice management decision we have made!

~Dr. Matthew McReynalds

3 Easy Steps from Notes to Billing

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Patient Uses Kiosk and Completes:

  • Patient enters complaints
  • Patient records health Hx
  • Patients records OA’s
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Notes in <15 Sec. Exams in <2 Min.

  • Dr. reviews CC and Hx
  • Dr. reviews questionnaires
  • Notes done before leaving room
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Collect Payment and Send Claims

  • Charges & codes from notes sent to billing
  • Patient posts payment
  • Claims sent to Insurance









  • Auto Pop-Up Alerts
  • Inter-Office Message System
  • One Click SALT
  • Import X-Rays and Posture Analysis
  • Compare X-Ray and Posture Results
  • Create Bulk Mailings
  • Track Missed, Canceled and Rescheduled Appt.
  • Set Office Hours in Scheduling
  • Batch Bill Monthly Statements
  • Patient Sign-In Monitor
  • Customizable Chiropractic Exams
  • Single View Multi-Provider Scheduling
  • Auto-post Insurance ERA’s
  • Imported Chiropractic Billing Codes


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It all started in the summer of 2004 when co-founder and CEO Jim Pamplin was searching for a chiropractic practice software that could do one essential function: link Chiropractic EHR notes to billing seamlessly. He knew this feature alone would dramatically improve office productivity and billing accuracy. So for years, Jim fruitlessly searched and demoed all the software systems on the market. He was about to give up: until he met Jeff.

Jeff was a seasoned software engineer, who at the time was working on Dartmouth Hospitals electronic health records software. The meeting was quite serendipitous. Jim needed a custom EHR, Jeff, a part-time job. The seeds of innovation were sewn, and progress began quickly.

On a 5″ X 3″ dry erase board, Jim sketched a perfectly designed chiropractic EHR software. He made every function operate within one window using tabs to quickly toggle between different areas of the program. Interactive images for touch screens were used to quickly find and document patient records. But most importantly, one-click was all that was needed to simultaneously send notes to billing.

What seemed simple in concept, was much harder in reality. For over two years WonderDoc underwent rigorous testing and refining before it was ready for real-world practice application.

In 2008 WonderDoc was prepared to enter Patient Medical Record (MRN) number 001. An EHR note was created, and services were sent directly to the patients billing account. The system worked flawlessly.

Over the next three years, the EHR software became more efficient with the addition of integrated exams, billing, scheduling, and marketing functionality. Each feature and function would evolve as the company strived to innovate ways to manage the chiropractic office more efficiently.

The best chiropractic software available is WonderDoc, a complete EHR with practice management software applications designed for the unique needs of a chiropractor. The software system manages chiropractic patient records, revenue cycle management, administrative procedures, chiropractic billing, practice marketing, patient scheduling, and patient communications.

No other software offers the ability to process compliant SOAP notes and send them to billing in less than 15 seconds. The company also prides itself on having the best online reviews. Ask any of their clients, and you’ll see how WonderDoc has dramatically improved their practice and lives.

WonderDocs mission is simply to help chiropractors achieve higher levels of productivity. Every day, WonderDoc is giving doctors the freedom to choose how and when they want to practice. And every day WonderDoc chiropractic ehr is allowing chiropractors to take back their lives. Because at WonderDoc it’s about improving patient care and putting more power back into the hands of chiropractors.

Simple Chiropractic EHR Software

One of the most challenging things about running your chiropractic business can be the administrative side. Patient bookings, note keeping, billing, and making sure the paperwork side of your practice is running smoothly so you can focus on treating patients. Employing staff to manage these tasks is often necessary, but comes with additional costs, in terms of both time and money.  WonderDoc takes care of all of these administrative tasks without the added paperwork or overhead of staff.

Why Should I Invest in WonderDoc Chiropractic EHR System?

Electronic Health Records (EHR) Systems are specifically designed for health care professionals. Unlike many other similar software packages, they have been created with medical practitioners in mind to ensure their needs are catered for. Considering each step of the medical administration process can help provide a more detailed view of how an EHR can help your chiropractic practice.

Patient Bookings Online

These can seem straightforward on the surface, however, consider all that is involved between the patient making an appointment and you seeing them for their consultation. Patients need to fill out documentation to provide you with the reason for their visit and an overview of their general health so that you can provide them with the best possible service. What if this could all be done by the EHR system? It allows patients to complete all these relevant details, removing the need for them to do so when arriving and thus reducing their wait times. Good for you and good for your patients.

SOAP Compliant Notes

As you would no doubt be aware, the need for accurate and compliant record keeping is an absolute must in the medical field. It may be time consuming and to many practitioners, a less enjoyable part of the job, but it is a necessary evil of the nature of the work. Fortunately, EHRs can help with this too. The software allows for ease of patient record keeping and is specifically designed to generate notes that are SOAP compliant. You can keep your records up to date with minimal fuss or hassle.

Payments and Invoicing

Bookkeeping is another dreaded bane of running your own practice and often consumes far more of your time than you would like. Some practitioners opt for specific accounting systems, but EHRs like WonderDoc have billing functions built in. This means that with this one handy piece of software, you can essentially do it all. Practice management at your fingertips and assurance that everything is being done in accordance with the relevant guidelines.

Software Support

WonderDoc’s trained support staff understand that not everyone is technology savvy.  While other EHRs charge an arm and a leg for support, our software includes free training and support for the first 3-12 months from your purchase date.  If you need extra help, support packages are priced reasonably so you don’t have to feel like your sacrificing training over software costs.  Support staff are on standby to service you in getting everything set up and running perfectly for all your practice needs.

Affordable and Sensible

With lease to own payment plan options, WonderDoc is unique in the software world. By breaking up their price to purchase the software into  easy monthly payments, the buyer is able to afford a complete practice management system without taking a hit to their bottom line.