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WonderDoc Has the Best Chiropractic EHR Software Reviews

We love everything about WonderDoc. The convenience of making appointments, setting up new patients, billing/claims, everything is a breeze. Whenever you need assistance they are just a phone call away. We couldn’t of picked a better program to go with.

Alicia Durante

Receptioniast, Peak Performance Chiropractic

It’s quick, easy to use, and very affordable. It can do what the big software companies can do. It’s customizable, has awesome support, and is designed by a chiropractor. You do not have to spend a lot of money to be able to do the same things the big software companies promote.

Dr. Kevin Scott

Chiropractor, Scott Chiropractic

I love that it is very easy to use. If I have a question and need technical support I can actually call software company anytime for help. They return phone call right away unlike other software.

Dr. Binh Nguyen

Chiropractor, Cedar Chiropractic & Sports

I love the fact that it is easy to use. The program itself, coupled with the great customer service are the two best things about WonderDoc!

Dr. Anne Sorrentino

Chiropractor, Professional Chiropractic Speaker

WonderDoc is Rated 4.8/5 by 13 customers on softwareadvice.com

Simply The Best All-In-One Chiropractic EHR Software!

  • 2014 certified chiropractic software
  • Free Setup
  • Free to Students and 1st Year Grads
  • Simple to Learn…Easy to Use
  • Optimized for Tablets & Touch Screens
  • Automated PQRS Documentation
  • Integrated Billing Software
  • Integrated Scheduling Software
  • Email, Call & Txt Appointment Reminders
  • Patient sign-in Kiosk
  • Outcomes Assessment Questionnaires
  • Best chirotouch alternative
  • Free Online Patient Portal
  • Multiple Insurance Fee Schedules
  • Multi-office Networking
  • Best Chiropractic EMR Software Reviews
  • Send free electronic claims
  • Free Software Updates
  • Notes & exams in seconds
  • Patient sign-in/intake kiosk
  • Fully customizable
  • 30 Day money back guarantee
  • No additional software required
  • No Additional Hardware required
  • Seamless Records Transfer
  • Customized Office Reports
  • Collect Upfront Co-Insurance & Deductibles
  • Professional looking reports
  • Multi-Provider/Specialty networking
  • Windows Optimized for Dual Monitors
  • All-In-One Chiropractic EHR System
  • Intuitive and Responsive Design
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The WonderDoc Story

It started in the summer of 2004 when co-founder and CEO Jim Pamplin was searching for a chiropractic EMR software that had the ability to do one key function: integrate Chiropractic SOAP notes with billing. Jim knew this one function alone would dramatically improve his office productivity. So for more than two years, he fruitlessly searched, demoed and tested almost every software system on the market. Jim almost gave up, until he met Jeff.

Then in 2004, Jim met Jeff, a seasoned software engineer who at the time was working on Dartmouth Hospitals EHR system. The meeting was quite serendipitous. Jim needed a chiropractic EMR software program, Jeff, a part time job. The situation was perfect and the their conversations to quickly move from small talk to the idea of working together on a new business venture. The seeds of the WonderDoc had been sown.

In the beginning it was simple: create a program that integrated chiropractic EHR and billing records. On a 5″ X 3″ dry erase board, Jim sketched the design of the perfect software system. Everything would operate in one window with tabs that quickly toggled between notes and exam areas. There would be Interactive images throughout to help document information faster. And one click of the mouse button would send information from notes to billing and claims. This was how to build the best chiropractic software.

Although their software concept was simple in design, in reality it was much harder to build. For over two years Jim and Jeff tested and refined the software. Finally they had a working version that was ready for real world setting. Jim’s office would be the proving grounds.

On October 23rd, 2008 patient MRN 0001 was logged into the WonderDoc program. SOAP notes were created and with one click of a button services and diagnosis codes was added to billing and claims. Sure there were plenty of hiccups along the way, but the software worked! It worked so well, Jim noticed a vast improvement in his patient care. Since it only 15 seconds to create a detailed SOAP note, Jim had more time with his patients.

Jim also noticed a huge reduction in his overhead costs. No more double entries where staff had to reenter charges from Jim’s notes. All they had to do was collect payment from the charges created from the EHR. Best of all, at the end of the day, Jim and his staff walked out of the office with no need to “Catch Up” at home. For the first time in Jim’s chiropractic career, he could now separate work life from his family life.

Over the next three years, WonderDoc added more features and functions. After notes came exams. Then came scheduling and marketing. It was an exciting time. Ideas quickly morphed into tools for better chiropractic documentation software. Everything seemed to be going as planned. Until they discovered a big bug.

The bug had been dormant for months. Only until Jim took over the insurance claims process from his office manager did it surface. After printing an aging report Jim was horrified to see hundreds of unpaid claims. It turned out most of these claims were missing information needed for proper reimbursement. Most insurance companies were understanding and reprocessed the claims. But one company in particular had a strict 90 day late filing limit. No exceptions. The end result was thousands of dollars lost to rejected claims due to the unfair filing limit policy. This was devastating for Jim’s practice.

After picking up the pieces, Jim and Jeff finally felt the software was ready for the market. In January of 2010 they launched their website WonderDoc.com. The site quickly ranked in Google and soon chiropractors began contacting the company. On December 15th 2010 Jim and Jeff received an early Christmas present: their first sale.

Business was growing like gangbusters. Clients were happy and referring their fellow colleagues. Everything was looking up. But in 2011 it all changed. That’s when the government offered $44,000.00 in incentive money to chiropractors.

To receive the money, chiropractors had to buy a certified chiropractic EHR. Soon chiropractors realized that they could make money by simply purchasing any certified system. Never mind how the software functioned.

The idea of incentive money flew throughout the chiropractic community. Before long almost every chiropractor was in the market for a certified EHRs. But the certification costs were high. Only large companies could afford the development and testing fees. Certification, unfortunately, was not in WonderDocs budget. And before long, WonderDoc sales declined.

Jim and Jeff knew the only way to survive was to pass certification. They knew they could do it. It was just a matter of money. Then in 2013, they received $100,000.00 from Jim’s father. This angel investment would be the company’s saving grace. Within a year WonderDoc became the first EMR for chiropractors to receive 2014 government certification.

Today WonderDoc is one of only four chiropractic EHR’s on the market certified for stage I and II meaningful use. Of all the EHR companies in the market, WonderDoc enjoys the best chiropractic software reviews. That’s because the company’s mission statement is simple: clients come first. Business and profession come second. Ask any WonderDoc user and you’ll see how happy they are with their chiropractic management software.

Every day WonderDoc is helping chiropractors achieve higher levels of productivity. Every day WonderDoc is allowing chiropractors to separate work and family life. And every day, WonderDoc is giving chiropractors the freedom to choose how and when they want to practice. The ultimate goal of WonderDoc is to put more power back in the hands of chiropractors instead of the insurance companies.